7 Reasons To Have Your Oriental Rugs Cleaned

7 Reasons To Have Your Oriental Rugs Cleaned

Oriental Rugs deserve a Professional Rug Cleaning

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Oriental Rugs are the jewel of your home, stunning works of art for your floors. At Rug District we know the joy and pride you have for your Persian & Oriental Rugs because we do too!

We want to help you to extend the life and beauty of your Oriental Rug and keep it looking it's very best for years to come. Protecting its longevity and value are important factors in owning an Oriental Rug.

Rug District has been professionally cleaning Oriental & Area Rugs since 1959. We have a very comprehensive understanding of cleaning and caring for your Oriental Rugs. Although Oriental rugs are durable they do need some special attention from time to time.

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7 Reasons your Oriental Rugs need a Professional Rug Cleaning:

1/ Protecting The Fibers Of Your Oriental & Area Rugs

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By cleaning your Oriental & Area Rug on a regular basis you will be protecting the fibres of your rug and in turn, it will look it's best for years to come. Oriental Rugs can be sneaky, hiding copious amounts of dirt that you can't even see with the naked eye. We know that your Oriental Rug can often be the victim of spills and stains, but the dirt and debris do not only lie on top of your rugs pile, but it also goes much deeper.  Without regular professional carpet cleaning, this dirt actually becomes deeply embedded in the rug's foundation. This can mean trouble for your Oriental Rug. Over time all of the debris from dust and dirt can actually begin to damage your rug's fibres making them appear weak, dull and lifeless. Even with regular vacuuming you just won't be able to achieve the same results as when you give your Oriental Rug a professional rug cleaning. We make sure that your rug is meticulously cleaned right down to the foundation of the rug. By having your Oriental rugs cleaned every 1-3 years you ensure that every fibre on your rug is protected and will remain looking it's very best for many years to come.


2. Avoid Moth And Insect Damage

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Imagine looking down at your Oriental Rug only to find that chunks and pieces of it are missing! It's a devastating thing to uncover damage done by a moth or insect. An Oriental Rug that is vacuumed on a regular basis is a great way to help with this issue. However, any tiny bits of stains on your rugs such as food or spills and even pet urine will not completely come out with just a vacuum, even if it's done quite thoroughly. The leftover urine and food particles make for a very inviting breeding ground for moths and insects. Even the back of your rugs is a target for these hungry bugs. They will feast on as little as a  crumb if given the chance. They love dark and undisturbed places and will easily find the most unsuspecting places to hide. The best way to avoid any insect problem is to give your Oriental & Area Rugs a professional rug cleaning. By having your Oriental Rug professionally cleaned you can rest assured knowing that each and every square inch of your rug will be expertly cleaned, front and back. The deep cleaning of your rug will remove any larva that could have tried to attach itself to your rug. A professional oriental rug cleaning will make sure that nothing at all is hiding within your rug by removing any trace of an infestation. Having your rugs cleaned professionally is recommended in order to protect your area rugs from any insect damage in the first place.  Don't let your beautiful Oriental & Area Rugs become a breeding ground for any bug!

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3. A Professional Rug Cleaning will Restore Your Oriental Rugs Glory

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It happens all the time, we get busy, become forgetful, life happens and we neglect our Oriental Rugs. It's been with you for years, through children, pets, a move, even a renovation, and lately you've noticed it looks a little dull. You still remember the day you brought it home and laid it out across your once empty floor. It was beyond perfect, you were in love. At Rug District we want you to love it all over again!

By giving your Oriental Rug a professional rug cleaning you will see all of its glorious colours come alive again!

Even though you might vacuum your rug on a weekly basis, over a long period of time or even years, vacuuming alone will not be enough. By having an Oriental Rug Cleaning it will ensure that your rug is properly maintained. Our hand washing process will reach deep down into the pile, every knot, even the foundation. Although a regular vacuuming routine is important, it just will never achieve what a professional rug cleaning job can do.

The expert hand washing that is done by Rug District will never damage or fade the colours of your Oriental & Area Rugs because no harsh chemicals will ever be used. This special cleaning process will make all of the colours and designs crisp again, you will be able to clearly see and feel all of your Oriental Rug's lustrous beauty. It will look just like it did when you brought it home, in fact after all the years you've been together, you'll love it even more and it will look even better than it ever did. What are you waiting for, another year to pass by? Don't live with a dull rug! Let the experts at Rug District restore your Oriental Rug to its former glory.

4. A Professional Rug Cleaning will Extend Your Oriental & Area Rugs Life Span

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We all want our beautiful, precious Oriental & Area Rugs to last forever. By giving your Oriental & Area Rugs a professional carpet cleaning you will extend their longevity. A dirty rug will cause the weakening of its fibres and in turn, slowly diminish its life span.  A good rug cleaning professional will examine your rug before cleaning it, carefully checking the surface, the back of the rug, and all of the fringes. During this inspection of your rug, any little rip or tear will be noted. This evaluation of your Oriental Rug is important as catching any damage as soon as it's seen could prevent it from getting worse, or become more costly.

Oriental Rugs are meant to be enjoyed and loved throughout the generations. With the proper care and a regular professional rug cleaning your Oriental & Area Rugs will always maintain their beauty, in turn extending its life.

5. Maintain Your Oriental Rugs Value

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If you're the proud owner of an Oriental Rug you've made an investment. A high-quality Oriental Rug is never cheap, so why not look after it like you would your leather coat, or car? Don't let all that harmful dust and dirt destroy your Oriental & Area Rugs. In order to ensure that your Oriental Rug maintains it's valued over the years it's so important to give your rug the quality care that it deserves. Keeping your Oriental Rug vacuumed at regular intervals is, of course, beneficial and necessary, but giving your Oriental & Area Rugs a professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis is absolutely imperative! By neglecting your rugs professional cleaning needs you are putting your investment at risk. We want to help you to protect your investment and to keep your Oriental & Area Rugs in top-notch condition for as long as possible.

6. Removing Pet Odors And Hair

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You love your pets, and you love your Oriental & Area Rugs. Finding a happy medium between the two can sometimes be a challenge. If you do live with pets it's advisable to vacuum your rugs much more frequently. Having your rugs professionally cleaned more often than not is also advised when your rug lives with pets. The pet hair and the debris from the hair can find it's way very deep into your rugs pile and over time this will make for some not so pleasant odours. Regular vacuuming will not possibly be able to remove all the hair or the smell. If your dog or cat happens to have an accident on your Oriental & Area Rugs the urine can also cause a lot of damage even if you think you've cleaned it all up.  The smell that is left lingering in the rug is an invitation for your pet to repeatedly go there again. The smell of pet urine is also an attraction for moths and other insects. By giving your Oriental & Area Rugs a professional carpet cleaning you help ensure that any lingering smells or hair is thoroughly removed from your rugs. Rug District can also deodorize your rug and keep it smelling fresh.

7. Because You Love Your Oriental & Area Rugs

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There's a saying in the rug world: "If you're good to your rug, it will be good to you".  Just like most things in life what you put into them you will get back.  We know you want years of enjoyment from your Oriental & Area Rugs. You probably spent months looking for the perfect rug, and now that you finally have it in your home you want to keep it in its peak condition for as long as possible. By giving your Oriental & Area Rugs a professional rug cleaning on a regular basis you will help to extend its life and keep all of its colours and designs looking bright and crisp. Because we know you love your rug, we want you to enjoy all the charm and beauty your Oriental Rug has to offer. An Oriental Rug is meant to last a lifetime, and with the help of regular professional carpet cleaning, you will be able to proudly pass it along to the future generations.

Call Rug District today for an expert Oriental Rug Cleaning!

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