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Top 10 Reasons an Oriental Rug is the Best Area Rug

Top 10 Reasons an Oriental Rug is the Best Area Rug

Oriental Rugs are the Best Area Rugs

Trends may come and go, but a handmade Oriental Rug is always in style. Oriental Rugs have been walked on for thousands of years and for good reason. Their charm and beauty are second to none. Naturally, Oriental Rugs are the best area rugs!
Top 10 Reasons an Oriental Rug are the Best Area Rugs

The trend in many big box stores today are machine made area rugs. Displayed on large, endless racks that are filled with the latest in vogue colours and designs.

But will you love this area rug in the morning, next month or next year? Probably not. They might catch your eye in the beginning. After all, you've looked at the same sort of rug for months, on all the glossy magazine covers, while standing in line at the grocery store. Your neighbour down the street has one, so does your sister, and your best friend and they think they have the best rugs.

You want one too, so you go out and buy one. But soon you'll discover that your purchase was a mistake and it wasn't the best area rug! The money you've just spent on this trendy rug was a waste. There are no lasting qualities, and after a short time the colour has changed, it looks raggedy and feels rough. You begin to regret your purchase. It doesn't look like the magazine picture did, and it's starting to show it's age, already!

What is an Oriental Rug anyways?

Top 10 Reasons an Oriental Rug is the Best Area Rug-The Rug Belt

An authentic Oriental Rug is a handmade treasure that comes from what is referred to as "the rug belt". Some of these places include Morocco, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Northern India. A Persian rug is made in Iran, formerly known as Persia, but are still considered an Oriental Rug.

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An Oriental Rug is a true work of art that has had hours upon hours, days upon days, months, and sometimes even years worth of time lovingly put into them. When you consider the artistry and time, the cost of an authentic, handmade Oriental Rug is well worth it and you'll discover that they are the best area rug!

Top Ten Reasons An Oriental Rug Is The Best Area Rug

1. Longevity makes an Oriental Rug the best area rug

Having an authentic Oriental Rug is a promise of longevity.  You will have your Oriental Rug for many years to come. Oriental Rugs are made to last generations, and will truly stand the test of time.

If your home is graced with an Oriental Rug already, this is something you already know. These handmade treasures are works of art that your family and you will admire and gather around for years.

The sentimental value of an oriental rug is priceless. Your Oriental Rug will become part of some wonderful cherished memories and is a meaningful investment that one day you'll proudly be able to pass down to your children and then their children.

2. Classic Colors and Designs create the best Oriental rug

You might repaint your walls, change your wallpaper, maybe even buy a new sofa. But in the ever-changing trends of home decor, an authentic Oriental Rug is always in style.

A classic choice that spans through the ages. With an Oriental Rug, you never have to worry about the latest styles. Their time-honoured designs and rich colours have been adored and loved for centuries.

Being classic is never a fad, and its charm and class will not disappear. Having an Oriental Rug that you love will have lasting appeal. A traditional Oriental Rug will always provide your room with a distinctive feel, setting your room apart from the ordinary and the expected. If you do decide to redecorate your room, a classic Oriental Rug will offer you endless choices of colour and designs.

3.Quality makes an Oriental Rug the best area rug

You 'll never find a machine made rug that is made like an authentic Oriental Rug. The construction of an Oriental Rug surpasses any other. The time-honoured skill and the very highest quality of materials are some of the reasons why an Oriental Rug is far more superior and is the best area rug for your home.

The strength of each and every handmade knot in your rug will last you a lifetime. From the warp, weft and pile you will feel the quality. An Oriental Rug will not rip and tear, and will never shed as a synthetic area rug will. Because Oriental Rugs are made with all natural materials.

The colours in your Oriental Rug will be so much more vibrant and rich, and will not easily fade or become damaged as synthetic dyes will. Oriental Rugs will keep their brilliance of colour for much longer than any synthetic area rug ever could.

Even the base of Oriental Rugs is made with the strongest of wool and cotton. You can't beat those types of natural materials. You simply can't go up against the natural, beautiful and strong resources of mother nature. She'll beat you every time. You'll see and feel it every day in your authentic Oriental Rugs!

4. Authentic Oriental Rugs are an Investment

Many of us will insist on a good quality pair of leather shoes, a great looking purse, maybe a fast and flashy car. But after their use, what investment have you got left? Your worn shoes will never go up in price, and who would buy them anyways?

But an Oriental Rug that has been admired for generations can turn into a sought after, expensive antique. A one of a kind rug that could potentially be worth more then what you originally paid for it. The value of a well kept Oriental Rug goes a very long way in protecting the life span of your investment.

However, a work of art that you love and enjoy living around does not come with a price tag. Being able to pass your Oriental Rug on to your children or grandchildren is a priceless gift.

5. An Oriental Rug will give you comfort

There is not a machine made area rug that you could find at any big box store that will ever compare to the comfort of walking on an Oriental Rug. This alone makes an Oriental Rug the best area rug to choose.

With every footstep you take, you will feel all of its luxurious splendour. Because Oriental Rugs are made with the very highest quality of wool. This translates into supreme comfort.

Some Oriental Rugs are a blend of wool and silk making its texture even more incredible. Oriental Rugs are not only high-quality works of art but provide us with warmth and comfort on otherwise bare, cold and bland looking floors. A feast for your eyes, a treat for our weary feet!

6. Supporting Artists who make fabulous Oriental Rugs

A practical, but beautiful work of art to be used and admired on a daily basis. Oriental Rugs are simply exquisite. And not just for their designs and colours, but the fact that an artist, or many, have weaved every knot by hand.

In many tribal areas, you can still find weavers gathering and spinning their own wool and collecting dyes from roots, shrubs and trees.

Part of an Oriental Rugs charm comes from the slight little irregularities you might find upon studying them. Some rugs could be made by as many as five or more artists at a time and could literally take them months to complete. 

Some Oriental Rugs are made by one or two artisans who work very long and tedious hours every day on these rugs. Often times these skills are lovingly passed down from generation to generation.

A rug artist must have passion, patience and dedication in order to complete an authentic Oriental Rug. Not to mention the very fine skill of weaving.

Every Oriental Rug is unique. They tell us their very own story and the soul of the art becomes intertwined with each rug. What other works of art could you walk all over every day and make them become even more beautiful?  

7. Oriental Rugs have a long history

The history of Oriental Rugs date as far back as 2,500 years. It is thought that the technique of knotting rugs was started by nomadic tribes. These nomadic tribes made smaller sized rugs.

These rugs were decorative but they would have had much more utilitarian uses. Being used as floor coverings, wall hangings, curtains and saddle bags.

In 1949, during a Russian archaeological expedition that took place in the mountains of southern Siberia, they excavated a miraculously frozen rug. This rug is known as the Pazyrk rug.

Experts believe that the Pazyrk rug dates to as far back as the 4th or 5th century BC. This rug is thought to be the earliest example of a hand-knotted rug. Wow, the 4th or 5th century, now that's some history and art that has truly stood the test of time!

8. Authentic Oriental Rugs are Environmentally Friendly

Because your authentic Oriental Rug is made from all natural materials you won't have any nasty toxins in your home to deal with. Especially important if you have children, pets or are expecting a baby.

There's nothing like having something beautiful in your home and also having the peace of mind that it's safe for you and your family. Air pollution that happens inside of your home can actually be worse than outdoor air pollution.

Poor air quality has been linked to so many diseases. It just makes good sense to invest in an all natural Oriental Rug because you'll know it's not "off-gassing", and releasing toxic fumes and chemicals inside your home. A perfect solution, the Oriental Rug which will be the best area rug for all your loved ones!

9. Oriental Carpets Work In Any Space

The versatility of an Oriental Rug is a beautiful thing. Because Oriental Rugs are so timeless and classic they can actually be put into all different styles of decor. From modern to contemporary, or traditional and classic. They are surprisingly versatile.

Adorned with countless options available in the lines of colour, the scale of design,  the style and size. There is an Oriental Rug that will work for every and any space.

An Oriental Rug can easily be used to warm up a modern space or add some much-needed drama to any neutral or drab room. Of course, they are fantastic in any traditional style room. They even work with the shabby chic look and can be used in the most minimalist looking of rooms.

The use of Oriental Rugs are not only meant for your blank floors but these rugs can make quite a statement by being hung on a wall and even placed on a bare table or desk.

You could even recycle an old rug that perhaps has some damage. A rug like this would be ideal for having some accent pillows made, or giving an old upholstered bench or chair a new cover. Yes, any home would love the addition of an Oriental Rug!

10. Oriental Rugs are Simply Beautiful!

Who could resist a fine Oriental Rug? With such a long-standing traditional art that has been passed down through generations for thousands of years. An ancient art form that still lives in our homes to this day.

The Oriental Rug is what so many cherished memories happen on. Remembering special occasions shared with your loved ones, or your babies crawling and taking their very first steps on them.

The pride of ownership, along with the incredible delight of being able to display them in our homes. Maybe the Oriental Rug is the soul of the home? Having an Oriental Rug is always enchanting, enticing you to look, and to look again, pulling you into an almost magical feeling of peace. An Oriental Rug is simply beautiful and is the best area rug for your home, soothing your eyes and your soul.

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